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Grab the best deal furnitures in the Philippines from the legitimate furniture importers and distributors.

Choose comfort and style from a wide range of modern minimalist furniture that is affordable and of high quality.

8 corners furniture philippines provides quality and affordable furniture that suites the needs of a large family or a independently living young professional.

Find condo-fit furnitures that will match the interior design that you prefer for your unit.

High quality furnitures of different size, texture, and materials that will surely fit any lifestyle are available for purchase.

8 Corners provides products and solution in creating a whole new living space that caters to both condominium and residential markets.
Most of all, 8 corner provides furnitures with the lowest price compared to most retailers in the Philippine.
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If you find any damage or factory defect, please do not accept the goods. Once you accept the items and our delivery vehicle leaves your premise the items delivered are considered sold.

Thus, we do not accept monetary refund and will charge a handling fee for the return of items of not less than ₱500.

Defect items should be returned within 3 business days from the date of delivery. Provided that you email us at with the following information:

  1.  Name 
  2. Confirmation No.  
  3. Item Code of the damage furniture  
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