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Interior Design

From completely revamping your room to simply adding finishing touches, no project is too small; it still deserves a proper layout and design to maximize its potential and beauty. That's why interior design service is offered to help you select furniture that fits the scale of the room and match it all together with correct wall and floor finishes.

Your final design package includes:

  1. Style board
  2. Shopping list
  3. Floor plan

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Condo Unit Rental

A typical Filipino’s primary goal is having a house, but buying a property may not always be the wisest decision especially in today’s economy. Renting also has its benefits over full property ownership, even to those who are after long-term plans. The advantages of being a tenant are the following:

  1. You may remain worry free with regards to mortgage payments, maintenance costs, taxes and assessments. 
  2. You may peacefully enjoy the rented premises and amenities including, and not limited to swimming pools, fitness centers, daycare centers and landscaped gardens at a set leasing rate that you can afford may be more advantageous to some than tying themselves to often considerable and unpredictable financial obligations.
  3. You will be saving money because part of your expenses and other household items will be shouldered by the landlord.
  4. You may be relief from stress of having to think of the perfect interior for your condo and buying furniture by renting a fully furnished unit.   

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